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Licenses in PARTY RUSH!! and Guidelines on Video Streaming and Online Posting

This game was developed using RPG Maker XP.
Unless otherwise stated, each content used in the game was created within RPG Maker XP.

Also, PARTY RUSH!! is based on the game that was released in 2020 in the link below.
Adjustments, such as the addition of multilingual functionality, have been made.


<System and In-Game Images>

RPG Maker XP
(C)2004,2009,2012 ENTERBRAIN, INC./YOJI OJIMA (C)2004 Xiph.Org Foundation Ruby (C)1993-2003 Yukihiro Matsumoto All Rights Reserved License for Scintilla and SciTE (C)1998-2003 Neil Hodgson All Rights Reserved

<Characters and Maps>

Parts of the characters and the maps were developed using the software below.
RPG Maker VX Ace
c2011 Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc./YOJI OJIMA

<In-Game Music>

Copyright(c) Presence of Music All Rights Reserved.

This song, by 조성욱, is licensed under CC BY.

All other songs in the game were downloaded from the link below.

Guidelines on Video Streaming and Online Posting

We allow video streaming and online posting of our game only for personal use under the following terms.

<Limitations of Content>

Streaming and posting of content is permitted for the entirety of the game.

<Limitations of Usage>

  1. Our content can be used in your personal and non-profit blogs, websites, and SNS.
  2. Our content can be used in video streaming websites.
    We prohibit the use in any websites related to religion, politics, and/or antisocial activities.

<Terms of Use>

Our games are permitted to be used in videos only under the following conditions. If you cannot abide by these conditions, please refrain from their use.

  1. Copyrights of the video belong to CREST Inc., or to the rightsholder.
  2. We prohibit the use of our content for commercial purposes, with the exception of the use in video streaming websites, such as YouTube, Twitch, etc., by which you can monetize through their partner programs. If such websites inquire about the right to use our content, please present them with this document.
  3. We are not liable for any trouble, loss, or damage arising from the use of our content.
  4. In any case you receive our request concerning the use of our content, please act promptly regardless of the reason. Also, we reserve the right to delete your videos or streams when deemed inappropriate.
  5. We may introduce your posts and videos in advertisements, events, etc.
  6. We may change the terms of use at our discretion, and you shall be deemed to have agreed to it.
  7. If you create, edit, and post videos of our game, you must add value of some sort, such as your comments, to the video. Also, unedited in-game footage or videos of the game being played by someone else are not permitted. For example, sharing videos of the in-game cutscenes as they are, reposting official game content, sharing screenshots of the content without commenting on them, and extracting the game music to use it as BGM are all prohibited.
  8. Please be careful using scenes, especially in thumbnails and SNS, that are central to the story when posting and sharing our content. Please make it clear when there will be any spoilers or story related content.
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